You know you need to make some big changes (and fast!) to reach your business goals.

You feel like:

  • Your business is running you ragged
  • You’re making the same mistakes over and over
  • You don’t have enough clients
  • You’re scared to raise your rates

And you might:

  • Be working late into the night
  • Feel like you can’t keep working at this pace, but you don’t know how else to grow your business
  • Have lots of opportunities, but are too busy to figure out which are the best ones
  • Be frustrated with the slow growth of your business

Right now it’s hard to stay positive about your business. And it’s time to change that.

You need:


Not just any old plan.

Not a plan thousands of other people are using. Your plan. Your way. Made specifically for you and your business, and we create it together. A simple plan with stuff you actually like to do. (Yes, even marketing stuff that you like to do – Amazing, right!?)

A plan you will really get excited about. Brilliant.


Confidence is the key to raising your prices and selling your services.

When you honor your past successes and play to your strengths, you will unlock the secret to long-term confidence. Getting crystal clear and having simple actions steps that maximize your strengths will boost your confidence right away.


Get on track to double your income this year without working 24/7.

The plan we create together will define simple steps that lead directly to new, higher quality clients and price increases you feel good about. And after you go through the process, you’ll know exactly what to do when you want to increase your income and attract more clients. Um… yay!


Isn’t it why we work for ourselves – FREEDOM!?

We want the freedom to make our own schedules. The flexibility to pick up the kids from school if they’re sick or work from where ever we are at any given moment. More free time, vacations… wait, remember what those are?

Yep, it’s time for you to take some guilt-free time off and, trust me, we’ll get you there.

During your VIP Days, you’ll get:

  • Two days with me, one-on-one where you get to be totally selfish and only focus on you and your business. (I even take all the notes.)
  • The swirling chaos out of your head, giving you the clarity and energy to re-craft your business exactly the way you want.
  • A customized, written, simple plan of action to double your income and your time off – a plan you can’t wait to implement!

Ready for Clarity and Results NOW? Get the details.