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I love having a plan and seeing the results!

  Bottom-About-Photo-248x300Before I worked with Mary, I was working 24/7, stressed, fearful and simply just trying to “make it” each day. I had a long list of worries that kept me up at night. At the end of the two-day session we reviewed my list, and I was amazed to see we resolved every item. The process we went through was remarkable – I am not the person I was two weeks ago. I am confident, I know my purpose, and I know exactly how to move my business forward. The work we did literally changed my life.   Plus, in the 30 days since our session, I signed two new retainer clients, I’m charging my new 40% higher rates, AND had a sign up for the high-ticket program we created. I love having a plan and seeing the results!” – Katy Geary, Geary Graphic Design  

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